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PASHADELIC Global Photo Contest, 4^ edizione 2018.

Scadenza iscrizione: 31 marzo 2018.
Quota d’iscrizione: gratuito.
Sezioni: Fotografia.
Organizzato da:
  Seiho bldg 213, 3-5-6 Kita-Aoyama, Minato, Tokyo 107-0061
  [email protected]
Evento di premiazione: venerdì 18 maggio 2018.

The theme is “Majestic View”. View of your favorite spot, beautiful split second caught on camera, or place you want to share with the world. Let’s share amazing photos.

Grand Prize is worth ONE MILLION JPY. ​
We are looking forward to seeing your best shot!

How to Enter
・Contestants can participate only via PASHADELIC website.
・ All entrants must have a Pashadelic account to compete.
・Photos must be submitted through photo contest page by clicking on the ’Enter Contest’ box.
・ All the entries must have to ”Photo Location”.

Entry Rules
・ Entries must be photographed and uploaded from the original entrant.
・ All entrants will be required to have a Pashadelic account to enter the contest.
・ PASHADELIC and the judges have the right to delete the photos when finding inappropriate photos.
・ The contest is open to all, professional and amateur, gender or nationalities.
・ By submitting photographs to Pashadelic, all contestants consent to give Pashadelic the right to use their pictures for its public relations such as social or internal communications, without any fee or other forms of compensation, nor the entrant’s consideration, nor the need to seek any additional approval.
・ Any photo including award-winning photos can be posted to compete.
・Photos trimmed or sensor dust cleaned photos can compete as well.
・HDR, panorama photos, photos with a depth of field put together via photoshop are allowed to compete.
・However, photo piece that is deleted or edited drastically will not be accepted.
・Winner of the contest must provide us with the RAW file of the winning photography (or other in other file format)
・If the winning piece is photoshopped all together, we ask to provide you with all photos used as RAW files.
・It does not matter when the photo was taken.
・You can enter as many photos as you’d like, however, the maximum photo you can upload at once is three photos per post.
・Contestants must be 18 years or older.​ ​

・To all award winners, must write a review for prizes on PASHADELIC blog after receiving prizes.
・ The copyright of the photos will remain to the person who photographed the photos.
・ We will use your registered name to introduce your photos on our website and to other media.
・ We may share the personal information with the sponsor companies to deliver the prizes.
・ Any contestants in areas that are unable to accept shipped prizes for political or social reasons (i.e. customs), may still participate. However, prizes may not be available to them. In such situation, the winner will still be featured as the winner and acknowledged as so, without any substitution in prizes.
・ We may change the prizes without notice.
・ The winner will owe to pay any extra cost such as tax and handle fee when the prizes are shipped.
・Colors of the prize cannot be chosen.
・NOTICE for Grand Prize Notice Regarding Pair Tickets to Palau
 ​ ​ー Prize includes the ticket from Tokyo Narita Airport to Roman Tmetuchl International Airport, transportation fee from Airport to Hotel, and Hotel fee for five days four nights. The customers are to pay for all other local expenses.​ ​
 ​ ​ーThe winner must pay ・ Fuel Surcharges, Airport facilities fee of Narita International Airport, passenger security service charge, and Pristine Paradise Environmental Fee.
 ​ ​ーRound Trip ticket from Tokyo Narita Airport to Roman Tmetuchl International Airport does not include any transportation fees to Narita Airport.
 ​ ​ーWinner must choose the departing Saturday between October 6th, 2018~ December 15th, 2018. If the time is not selected between the dates, the rights will disappear.



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